IEEE Russia North West Section


Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

XXVII International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurement


May 22 - 24, 2024

St. Petersburg, Russia

Russian and English are the official languages of the conference. 

Conference venue: Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, Saint Petersburg, Prof. Popov str. 5.

Topics of the Conference:

Methods and Systems of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing:

Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Neural Networks. Neurocomputing Strong Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Neuromorphic Calculations and Technologies Cognitive Science and Technology Probabilistic Models and Calculations Multi-agent Systems Distributed Artificial Intelligence Natural-like Algorithms and Models for Artificial Intelligence Systems Standardization in the Development and Application of Artificial Intelligence Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Methodologies and Computing Data Mining (Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence) Cloud Computing and Measurements

Measurement Theory. Methods and Tools of Measurement:

General Measurement Theory. Uncertainty in Measurements. Measures and Scales. Metrology Bayesian Approach and Optimization of Solutions Methods and Tools of Intelligent Measurement and Computing Soft Measurements Non-quantitative Measurements Smart and Intelligent Sensors and Sensory Systems Intelligent Measuring Systems Virtual Sensors and Cloud Computing Optical Measurement Means Acoustic Measurements Biosensors and Bio-measurements Psychometric Measurements Distributed Measuring Systems IoT Methods and Systems

Applied Artificial Intelligence and Measurement Systems:

Industria 4.0 Application Systems Application Systems Based on Soft Computing and Measurement Application of Artificial Intelligence in Solving Cybersecurity Problems Intelligent Robots and Autonomous Systems Artificial Intelligence and Measurements in Industry Artificial Intelligence and Measurements in Economy Application of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Artificial Intelligence Systems for Integrative Physiology Application of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture sector and Ecology Application of Artificial Intelligence Systems and Intelligent Measurements for Sustainable Development of Territories Ethics and Safety of Artificial Intelligence


General Measurement Theory. Metrology, Measures and Scales. Uncertainty in Measurements. Probabilistic Methods in Information Processing. The Bayesian Approach. Systems Simulation. Complex Objects Control Under Uncertainty. Neurocomputing Networks and Neurotechnologies. Models and Methods for Artificial Intelligence Systems. Cognitive Systems. Fuzzy Methods and Systems. New Approaches in Measurements: Intellectual, Soft and Fuzzy Measurements. Intelligent Measurements Systems and Sensors. Technologies and Systems BIG DATA, Data Science, Business Intelligence. IoT and Industrial 4.0. Technologies and Systems. Artificial Intelligence and Measurements in Industry, Ecology and Economics. Artificial intelligence systems for integrative physiology. Application of Methods and Systems of Artificial Intelligence and Measurements in Agricultural Complexes for Sustainable Development of Territories.

The Conference Proceedings will be published digitally and distributed among the participants at the opening of the Conference.
Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements.


IEEE Russia North West Section.
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» 

International Program Committee

Honorary Chairman - Prof. Witold Pedrycz, Canada


Dr. A.I. Andreev, Russia

Prof. M.S. Kupriyanov, Russia

Prof. S.V. Prokopchina, Russia,

Dr. A.N. Averkin, Russia 


Prof. I.Z. Batyrshin (Mexico)

Prof. T.B. Chistyakova (Russia)

Prof. I.I. Holod (Russia)

Corr. Member of RAS, Prof. G.B. Kleiner (Russia)

Prof. V. Kreinovich (USA)

Dr. V.L. Lazarev (Russia)

Prof. V. Novak (Czech Republic)

Dr. S.O. Shaposhnikov (Russia)

Prof. Yu. A. Shichkina (Russia)

Prof. M. Yu. Shestopalov (Russia)

Prof. A.L. Tulupyev (Russia) 

Organizing Committee

Chairman – Prof. A.A. Semenov, Russia

Members of Organizing Committee

Prof. P.G. Korolev (Russia)

Dr. A.D. Stotskaya (Russia)

Dr. L.S. Zvyagin (Russia)

Dr. R.R. Fatkieva (Russia)

O.N. Zhuravleva (Russia) 

Information for Authors

Procedure for the registration to the Conference

Until February 26, 2024 – participants register to the Conference. Please use the Registration Form and sent it to

Until March 18, 2024 – the authors submit papers. Full papers should be sent to

The papers must follow Manuscript Template for Conference Proceedings.

The paper file name should be: the name of the author who will present the paper at the Conference_ the first word of the paper title (e.g. Petrov_Problems.doc).

Please mind that the paper volume should not exceed the limit of 4 pages.

Until April 15, 2024 – submitted papers will undergo peer review. The Program Committee will inform authors on acceptance/rejection of papers for presentation and publication.

Until April 30, 2024 – corrected final versions of papers after reviewing to be submitted.

Until May 13, 2024 – after receiving confirmation of paper acceptance, authors should pay the Conference fee and send a scanned copy of the payment confirmation to

Until May 17, 2024 – please send information about the authors who will participate in the Conference to

The Program and Organizing committees reserve the right to reject applications for participation in the conference not meeting IEEE areas of interest and conference rules. 

Conference Center
+7 812 346-46-37