St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”
IEEE Russia North West Section

Antennas Design and Measurement International Conference 2023

November 16-21, 2023
St. Petersburg, Russia

The Antennas Design and Measurement International Conference 2023 (ADMInC'2023) will take place on October 16-21, 2023 at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» (ETU “LETI”), St. Petersburg, Russia.

Topics of the Seminar

Russian and English are the official languages of the conference.

The Conference Proceedings will be submitted for inclusion into the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


International Program Committee

Chair: Michael Parnes (Russia)

Deputy Chair: Viktor Malyshev (Russia)

Alexey Ageev (Russia)
Sergei Heister (Belarus)
Dmitry Kholodnyak (Russia)
Mikhail Kupriyanov (Russia)
Dmitry Marshalov (Russia)
Yury Salomatov (Russia)
Sergey Shaposhnikov (Russia)
Svyatoslav Balandovich (Russia)
Andrey Kozyrev (Russia)
Pavel Turalchuk (Russia)
Polina Kapitanova (Russia)
Andrey Sayanskiy (Russia)
Andrey Mozharovskiy (Russia)
Konstantin Lemberg (Russia)
Dmitry Filonov (Russia)
Juan Baena (Colombia)
Ahmed Abd El-Latif (Saudi Arabia)
Yousif Hammadi (Iraq)

Organizing Committee

Chair: Viktor Tupik (Russia)

Deputy Chair: Vladimir Kutuzov (Russia)

Mikhail Sugak (Russia)
Olga Zhuravleva (Russia)
Stanislav Glybovski (Russia)
Oleg Markelov (Russia)
Liubov Liubina (Russia)

Information for Authors

Procedure for the registration to the Conference

Until June 12, 2023 – participants register to the Conference and submit abstracts.
Please use the Registration Form and sent it to irvc.eltech@mail.

Until July 3, 2023 – participants submit full papers.
The papers must follow Manuscript Template for Conference Proceedings.
The paper file name should be: the name of the author who will present the paper at the Conference_ the first word of the paper title (e.g. Petrov_Problems.doc).
Please mind that the paper volume should not exceed the limit of 4 pages.

Until August 1, 2023 – submitted papers will undergo peer review. The Program Committee will inform authors on acceptance/rejection of papers for presentation and publication.

Until September 4, 2023 – the authors submit final full papers.

Until September 14, 2023 – after receiving confirmation of paper acceptance, authors should pay the Conference fee and send a scanned copy of the payment confirmation to irvc.eltech@mail.

Until October 2, 2023 – please send an information about the authors who will participate in the Conference to irvc.eltech@mail.

The Program and Organizing committees reserve the right to reject the application for participation in the conference.

Required Files

Registration Form

Manuscript Template for Conference Proceedings


+7 (812) 346-46-37